About us

About us
MobileUp creates mobile apps that help users to manage connected systems. Including transport, medical devices, electronic gadgets, sensors and different smart things.

We develop apps that run in multithreaded mode, interact with the periphery of many devices. Practicing machine learning, computer vision and DSP.

Complex inside should be easy for users. So each project starts with research of needs and problems of the audience. This understanding is the basis of our work.

We don't just develop to fit tech specs, we prefer to solve the problems of your users. We act as a partner and help to build the product, using the experience of the creating hundreds of projects and 8 years of practice.

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Industry Expertise
The public bike rental; taxi; driving quality estimation; apps for booking flights and train tickets.
Video and TV
Real-time video streaming, Video on Demand, Second Screen.
Task management, distribution of workforce, freight forwarders, couriers.
Remote monitoring and surveillance systems
Video surveillance systems; sensor tracking; geolocation tracking of kids and employees.
The devices and apps for ECG monitoring system (DSP, machine learning и computer vision, including FDA and HIPAA compliance requirements).
The automation system for cafes; an iPad app with the integrated printers, card reader, cash register; building cloud networks for interaction between different devices.
System integration
We design the system architecture and protocols of interaction between parts, including electronic gadgets, sensors, measuring devices.
UX/UI project design
Making mobile interfaces simple and native, without reference to the difficulty and the number of management objects.
Visual design
We combine the best practices and platforms recommendations with the objectives of a specific project.
Apps development
Making complex projects with requirements to mathematical signal processing, multithreading, data security, high load and overall architecture.
Internet of things
We are able to work with simultaneous geolocation and monitoring of hundreds of objects, signal processing of medical sensors, iBeacon, BLE-devices and live-video streams.
Build and withstand the backend for reliable app performance, withstand high loads.
We develop digital signal processing algorithms for hardware, integrate with mobile devices.
Machine Learning и Computer Vision
Solve tasks of classification of objects, pattern recognition, diagnosis, forecasting and data mining.