About us
We specialize in design and development of technologically complex mobile apps. Including products for transport, mHealth, wearable devices, financial services, as well as applications with complicated business logic.

We help businesses to be ahead of competitors with the help of high-demand mobile products, using the experience of creating more than a hundred projects.

Develop apps that run in multithreaded mode, interact with the periphery of many devices. Practicing machine learning, computer vision, and DSP.
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Our approach
Special attention to design
Even complicated things shoud be simple for users, so we pay special attention to UX and UI design. Every project starts with researching of audience needs and business goals. Understanding of it is the basis of the work.
Product expertise
We work as a partner, not just a performer. Together with the client we go through all stages of the project development: from idea to launch. We think through functions and logic of the product, create a design and provide a technical implementation. After a release, we participate in growing and increasing of KPI's.
Non-typical projects and situations
Does your business involve a drone delivery? Are you thinking of a machine learning solution? Need something that no one ever did? We will take care.
Dedicated teams
Each project is provided with a dedicated team so as it always has enough resources to be finished in time.
Industry Expertise
The public bike rental; taxi; driving quality estimation; apps for booking flights and train tickets.
Video and TV
Real-time video streaming, Video on Demand, Second Screen.
Task management, distribution of workforce, freight forwarders, couriers.
Remote monitoring and surveillance systems
Video surveillance systems; sensor tracking; geolocation tracking of kids and employees.
The devices and apps for ECG monitoring system (DSP, machine learning и computer vision, including FDA and HIPAA compliance requirements).
The automation system for cafes; an iPad app with the integrated printers, card reader, cash register; building cloud networks for interaction between different devices.
Some of our clients
приложение первый канал
приложение mastercard
приложение ubisoft
приложение mts
приложение tutu.ru
приложение ривгош
приложение мегафон
приложение синорд
приложение кофемания
приложение тинькоф
приложение колёса
приложение 2412
приложение мегафон
приложение синорд
приложение кофемания
приложение тинькоф
приложение колёса
приложение 2412
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