Parkovki Moskvy 2.0

Application for searching and trouble-free parking payment in Moscow
Мобильное приложение Велогород
How can one pay for parking, if the official application of the Moscow Government doesn't work? Install an alternative version — Parkovki Moskvy 2.0. Here you can determine an exact parking spot and pay for it in a couple of touches.

Project goal

Moscow motorists complained that they can not quickly determine the parking place and pay using the official application: they mistook the zone, overpaid and wrote angry reviews in the App Store. We needed to take into account the negative experience of users and solve their problem: to make the process of choosing and paying for parking spot visual, simple and fast. Develop a new application that can be trusted.
We analyzed the best practices and service solutions that have a choice of zone. As a result, used the mechanics of top-end taxi applications (Uber, Yandex.Taxi), where the location is determined by moving the pin on the map or tap in place.
Мобильное приложение для Велогорода
Visual parking position
Even if the user has already left the car, he can move the pin with the car to the place where it was left. The corresponding parking zone will illuminate and the parking number will appear. If the car is outside the parking area or where it is not allowed, the application will prompt. Users can be sure that they are paying for the right place.
Мобильное приложение для Велогорода

Sergey Denisyuk
«Our art director is great! He conducted the research and found the most suitable solution for choosing a parking place»
Help with selection of the zone
Thanks to the special algorithm of our developers, it is not necessary to move the pin directly to the parking line. If you are next to it, the application will automatically detect the nearest zone and highlight it. The user even on the run can quickly and accurately mark the right place.
Payment with a couple of taps
We have reduced the number of screens to a minimum. All you need to do to pay for parking: select the time, click "Park" and pay using the automatically generated SMS message. A timer will appear in the application with a countdown.
Мобильное приложение Велогород
Instant parking renewal

The time of the parking is over, the user stayed in the cafe a bit too long and forgot to extend the parking - he received a fine. With the application «Parkovki Moskvy 2.0» this will not happen. The user will receive a notification when the time runs out. By going through it, he immediately will get to the renewal screen, will choose time and press «Extend».

Philip Filchenko
Art Director
«This is one of my favorite projects, because it helps people. I'm also a driver and I hate parking in the center. The St. Petersburg application annoys me. You sit in the car, you need to park quickly, someone is honking at you, and you can not figure out the application. In our project, we aimed to make a simple interface that you can open the application, press one button and close it».
5 июля 2017
The team of the project
Project Manager
Sergey Denisyuk

Eugene Valeev
Ilya Filinovich

Art Director
Philip Filchenko
Alexandra Kochetkova
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