Application for quick search and purchase of train tickets
Мобильное приложение Велогород
120 screens and 80 custom scenarios. How taking into consideration the complex navigation and a huge amount of information to make the most convenient application for buying railway tickets? We successfully managed this task.
Story behind it

Tutu.ru is travel service, which is number one in Russia (according to GfK Rus)*. The customer conducted a tender among mobile developers, and he evaluated our approach to application design and projection.
The project task

Behind the process of choosing a ticket is a complicated business process and a lot of nuances.
With the help of a detailed projection and thoughtful design of applications, it was necessary to make the purchase of railway tickets easy and enjoyable for users.
All the functionality was divided into blocks corresponding to the purchase process: route selection, search output, car and seat selection, passenger data entry, payment process and auxiliary screens. We in turn studied each and worked closely with the product team of Tutu.ru to find out all the details and possible scenarios. Projected, showed and modified screens taking into account the customer's product expertise. As a result, the large volume product was presented in a simple "package" for the user.
Туту.ру ios
Analysis of each state
An option with one type of car, an option with five types of train cars, an option with "passing trains". Each state was thought out and fixated in the prototype. Most of the user scenarios we analyzed during the projection stage of the basic screens and offered a well thought out interface concept.
интерфейс tutu.ru
Information display
We had a challenge: to place all the important information on a small train card and avoid chaos. Many applications fail this test. The arrangement of accents with the help of color and font allowed to show the price, time, names of stations, number of available seats, train evaluation and availability of electronic registration. The cards are easily perceived and do not seem to be overloaded.
приложение tutu.ru
Convenient choice of train car and place
Users care where their seat located: at the table or next to the restroom, at the top or bottom. Tutu.ru is one of the few services that takes this into account. A detailed diagram of train cars allows to choose the right location.
Дизайн приложения tutu.ru ios
Passenger data storage
The application carefully remembers the data of an unlimited number of passengers after the first entry. You don't even have to complete the purchase, go back, the information will still be saved. "This is obvious," the most sophisticated readers will think. But most competitors don't have the feature.
Дизайн tutu.ru
Дизайн Туту.ру
What happens if…? Hidden Cases
What happens if you try to buy more children's places than adults? And what if we take four seats on the lower bunks? The sales system has a number of limitations. There are also features for international sales: different currencies, time zones, different fields for entering data. We needed to think through each case and prepare special hints, error messages, warnings that inform users in any scenario.
Дизайн мобильного приложения Туту.ру
Дизайн мобильного приложения Туту.ру
Train tickets in for 4 minutes
If you need to urgently go on a business trip or visit relatives, buying a train ticket shouldn't take up any of your time. In Tutu.ru the whole process takes about 4 minutes. Users have checked.
Мобильное приложение Велогород, iOS

Oleg Shirokov
Project Manager, MobileUp
«Earlier, it was possible to buy tickets only through Internet. There wasn't a convenient way to do it on the mobile. Now it is. Book a ticket to Tutu.ru - elementary!».
*According to data from the GfK cross-media panel (as of December 2016).
May 30, 2017
The project team
Project Managers
Sergey Denisyuk
Oleg Shirokov
Art Director
Philip Filchenko
Ilyas Gayfullin
Anton Fomin
Android Development
Konstantin Tskhovrebov
Vladimir Mochalov
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