About us
We specialize in design and development of technologically complex mobile apps. Including products for transport, mHealth, wearable devices, financial services, as well as applications with complicated business logic.

We help businesses to be ahead of competitors with the help of high-demand mobile products, using the experience of creating more than a hundred projects.

Develop apps that run in multithreaded mode, interact with the periphery of many devices. Practicing machine learning, computer vision, and DSP.
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of experience in mobile

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Our approach
Special attention to design
Even complicated things shoud be simple for users, so we pay special attention to UX and UI design. Every project starts with researching of audience needs and business goals. Understanding of it is the basis of the work.
Product expertise
We work as a partner, not just a performer. Together with the client we go through all stages of the project development: from idea to launch. We think through functions and logic of the product, create a design and provide a technical implementation. After release, we participate in growing and increasing of KPI's.
Non-typical projects and situations
Does your business involve a drone delivery? Are you thinking of a machine learning solution? Need something that no one ever did? We will take care.
Dedicated teams
Each project is provided with a dedicated team so as it always has enough resources to be finished in time.
Industry Expertise
The public bike rental; taxi; driving quality estimation; apps for booking flights and train tickets.
Video and TV
Real-time video streaming, Video on Demand, Second Screen.
Task management, distribution of workforce, freight forwarders, couriers.
Remote monitoring and surveillance systems
Video surveillance systems; sensor tracking; geolocation tracking of kids and employees.
The devices and apps for ECG monitoring system (DSP, machine learning и computer vision, including FDA and HIPAA compliance requirements).
The automation system for cafes; an iPad app with the integrated printers, card reader, cash register; building cloud networks for interaction between different devices.
Some of our clients
приложение первый канал
приложение mastercard
приложение ubisoft
приложение mts
приложение tutu.ru
приложение ривгош
приложение мегафон
приложение синорд
приложение кофемания
приложение тинькоф
приложение колёса
приложение 2412
приложение мегафон
приложение синорд
приложение кофемания
приложение тинькоф
приложение колёса
приложение 2412
Rating Runeta
Russian mobile design ranking
Rating Runeta
Russian mobile developement ranking
Russian mobile developement ranking
Top Mobile app developers
in Russia
Rating Runeta 2016
1st place in category «Information and Communication» for Channel One Russia app
Tagline Awards 2017
2nd place in category «Best service app» for YamiYami app
Tappawards 2017
#APPOFTHEDAY for Channel One Russia app
Google Material Design 2016
1st place in category «The best redesign of the app in Material Design» for Channel One Russia app
Golden App Contest 2016
The 1st place in category «Best application» for «Velogorod» app
Webby Award 2015
1st place in category «Mobile Campaigns» and «Advertising & Media» for «Watchdogs Live» app
Silver Mercury 2017
2nd place in category «Best app» for Velogorod app
CMA Awards 2014
1st place in categories «Best of the Best», «Consumer Products» for Watchdogs Live app
Boomerang 2014
Grand Prix in category «Overall» and «Experiential site or application» for «Watchdogs Live» app
Tagline Awards 2016
2nd place in category «Best app for media» for Channel One Russia app
Rating Runeta 2016
3d place in category «App with best UX/UI» for Channel One Russia app
Forbes Kazakhstan 2014
1st place in «Top-30 mobile apps of Kazakhstan» ranking for Kolesa app
Our team
Sergey Denisyuk
In 2009, he founded MobileUp. He knows everything about the development of IT start-ups, project management, interaction with customers and the introduction of high technologies.
Eugene Valeev
He has been working in mobile development field for 9 years. He is engaged in the architecture of applications and the issues of technological development of the team.
Alexander Khoroshevsky
Develops project concepts, delves into the details from goal to implementation and offers alternative solutions to problems. Accompanies projects in the process of developing ideas and design. Has much respects for TRIZ (theory of the resolution of invention-related tasks).
Philip Filchenko
Art Director
7 years in mobile design. Supervises the design department of MobileUp. Developed the design of applications for Tutu.ru, Velogorod, First Channel.
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Eugene Denisov
Project Manager
Has been managing mobile development at MobileUp for more than 6 years. He likes complex tasks and unusual projects.
Nikolay Popov
R&D Engineer
With 6 years in R&D, he works on tasks related to computer vision, machine learning, and signal digital processing.
Vasily Chirvon
Lead Android Developer
On Android since 2013, he loves to code and despises bad design. Also, draws bears.
"Code Well or Die".
Kirill Sidorov
Frontend Developer
For 4 years has been engaged in the development of web services of varying degrees of complexity and subjects. Most of all, appreciates the aesthetics of the product in all aspects.
Dmitry Gorbunov
Lead Android Developer
For 5 years has been engaged in mobile development for Android. He's fond of developing architecture,and likes to work with beautiful animation and design.
Ilya Filinovich
Leading iOS Developer
Previously, he worked in the military-industrial sector, this is his 3rd year in iOS development. He alternates between complex projects with simple ones. Notably, he never refuses to make an interesting design or animation layout.
Alexandra Kochetkova
Head of Testing Department
In IT since 2012. She started her career as a business analyst for systems and portals for large customers. Now she controls the quality of mobile applications. She also has participated in more than 25 released projects.
Oleg Shirokov
Project Manager
Manages mobile and web projects since 2012. Previously, he was engaged in municipal services. Projects of different calibers are in his portfolio, including Tutu.ru, DMV Genius and Yami Yami.
Roman Krivonosov
Frontend Developer
He has been engaged in web development since 2011. Worked in such areas as: medicine, banking, accounting, and blocking. In addition to the web, we are interested in and practice game development.
Ilyas Gayfullin
Interface Designer
In the design of mobile applications for 4 years. Loves interface animation and well thought through solutions. Developed the design of applications for the updated Tutu.ru, Yami Yami, and Iskusstvo.Vsluh.
Vladimir Mochalov
Android Developer
In application development for Android since 2016. He likes to explore new technologies and approaches. Before then, automated testing at Yandex for 5 years.
Nikolay Timonin
iOS Developer
Is engaged in development for iOS for 2 years. He likes UX-design and creation of eye catching animations. He thinks that the day was wasted if he did not learn something new in the field of development. More recently has gotten interested in blockchain.
Ilya Biltuyev
iOS Developer
After buying the iPhone, fell in love with Apple's style and their applications, decided to start a career in mobile development. In his spare time he develops mobile games.
Daria Kurkina
Has been engaged in testing for 2 years. Interested in the specifics of mobile applications, seeks to evolve as QA, and considers this area promising and extremely interesting.
Dmitry Rozov
iOS Developer
Has experience in developing applications for all popular mobile platforms. Likes clean and intuitive design.
Polina Demidova
iOS Developer
Participated in the creation of Velogorod, Pervy Kanal, Market.kz, DMV Genius and Yami Yami. Loves mobile development for the opportunity to solve new and interesting problems every day.
Beata Sakharova
Marketing and PR Manager
Works in the Digital field for her 5th year. Organizes participation in events, publications in the media, and is responsible for the company's marketing strategy. She likes high tech and everything connected with them.
Timur Repin
Interface Designer
Loves cats and interfaces. He considers that the main thing in design is the neurotransmitters.
Denis Tkachenko
Android Developer
Started with Python, then Java SE and, for the 3rd year, in Android. Now works in Kotlin. As a hobby, remotely supervises the IT-department of another company. He's also fond of electronics and is building a "smart home" system at his place.
Konstantin Kulikov
Android Developer
In mobile development since 2015. Likes Android, Material Design and black and white photos.
Vladimir Shedko
Android Developer
5 years of software development, including Android. Had projects done for Sberbank and the network of cinemas Mirage Cinema. Likes to work with microoptimizations.
Denis Vakhidov
He likes testing for the opportunity to creatively approach the process. Strives to develop in this direction.
Mikhail Chesnokov
Project Manager
Has been managing mobile and web projects for more than 2 years. Prior to this, was developing applications for iOS and Android and backend for them. Also, ht's fond of ancient Indian astrology, his own project Umstar.ru is dedicated to it.
Alexey Polyusov
Android Developer
2 years of development for Android. Loves this operating system for its openness and great customization capabilities.