DMV Genius

Apps for driver's license test preparation in the United States, Canada and the UK
DMV Genius
Apps for driver's license test preparation in the United States, Canada and the UK
DMV Genius
More than 200 000 people each month preparing for passing the driver's license written exam with DMV Genius. And, according to the rating of applications (4.9 in Google Play and App Store), users are satisfied with the result.
Project goal
DMV Genius on iOS – one of the most popular apps for drivers license exam preparation. We had to create an Android-version from scratch, which will provide DMV Genius the absolute leadership on the market.

After successful release of the first application, we released two more for the other markets, and then made a new app for iOS.
The solution
We've collected all the requirements of the client, analyzed the old application and competitor's apps. Highlighted the key points and mistakes and have developed the series of new mobile apps for USA, Canada and UK.
DMV Genius iPhone
Progress bar
Unlike most of the competitors, DMV Genius visually displays the scale with the number of correct and incorrect answers. The main menu also shows the progress for each test.
DMV Progress
Mistakes correction
All the wrong answers get into the Challenge bank section, where you can improve them for not repeating it anymore.
Challenge bank DMV Genius
All screen sizes
In order to display properly at all devices, the application interface is optimized separately for each screen size.
All sizes DMV Genius
User experience
To accommodate the existing user experience, we had to keep up the design. The new interface is cleaner and more modern, it is done by the last guidelines of iOS 9 and Google Material Design. The new features are accurately integrated and everything remains familiar and almost nothing has changed for users.
All sizes DMV Genius
The high price of bug
At the time we began to work DMV already had a huge user base, ready to express their claims, if something does not suit in the app. The price of any mistake was great. So we spent about two months to test and had provided the successful release.

Oleg Shirokov
Project manager, MobileUp
«DMV is a great project, work on which gives us pleasure. Firstly, we do really useful applications. Second, mutual understanding with the client allows us to produce high-quality products and not to waste potential of the team».
We continue working on DMV projects and soon will release several new applications.
The team of the project
The team of the project
Project manager
Oleg Shirokov

Eugene Valeev
Konstantin Tskhovrebov
Dmitriy Gorbunov
Polina Demidova
Michail Chesnokov
Olesja Podus
Maxim Kiselevich

Anna Grenn
Other projects
Other projects